Interactive Digital Competence Workshop

Try the Interactive Digital Competence Workshop with your fellow educators!  

Are you ready to level up your digital competence in a fun and creative way? We are excited to present our new Interactive Workshop on Digital Competence for educators and staff!   

In this game-based workshop, you will:  

🔍 Explore diverse digital areas: Learn about different areas of digital competence such as professional engagement, digital resources, and empowering learners.  

💪 Discover your strengths: Reveal your digital aptitude as an individual and a team.  

🎓 Gain practical takeaways: Take home concrete examples of how to include digital competence in your teaching.  


How does it work?  

Our workshop adopts a game-based format to make learning not just informative but fun! Select a facilitator and gather around a table with up to six participants. You can easily access the detailed instructions and required materials, such as a board, playing cards, and tokens, here. 

The workshop unfolds through three engaging rounds:  

  • Round 1: Explore and choose a competence area where you can share valuable insights from your own experiences.  
  • Round 2: Navigate real-world educational scenarios that demand solutions involving digital didactics, improving your confidence score. 
  • Round 3: Reflect on your experiences and insights with your teammates, then come together in a plenary session to enrich your understanding.  


Enjoy the learning journey and feel free to use and spread this workshop! 
Do you have any questions? Contact us via our Instagram channel!