Stars EU Participation

A few weeks ago, our Project Leader, Dr. Madelon Van Olstroom participated in an event organised by Stars EU Thematic Interest Group (TIG) on Digital Transition. Starts EU is a #collaboration between nine European universities, and its aim is to promote the exchange of ideas, innovate in research and education, and look into the role of universities in the current social world context.
Stars EU has different areas of interest, one of them being #Digital #Transformation. Every area as a lead and co-lead partner university. Hanze University of Applied Sciences is the co-lead in the Digital Transformation area. In this context, Madelon presented IGNITION’s work, with special interest on our Digital Agenda, the Self-Assessment tool, and the Community of Practice (CoP).
#collaboration #research #digitaltransformation

Look at Madelon’s presentation, see below.
To read more about the Stars EU project, follow this link:

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